Frequently Asked Questions

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Booking and Payment related questions

How can I book a tour? Do I need to pay something in advance?

What currency do I need while in Romania? Can I pay in Euro or use my credit card?

Do you accept credit card payments?

What type of accommodation do you offer?

Can I book a tour with the floating hotel?

Do you have a partner agency in my contry where I can book a tour?

Can I join one of your ongoing tours?

I am traveling alone or with my family, do you organize tours for such small groups?

Do I need a visa for Romania?

Traveling related questions

What is the best time to visit Romania?

What about winter tours?

Are there mosquitoes or othe biting insects?

What do I need to pack for a wildlife holiday in Romania?

Is the water safe to drink?

What about th food? Do you cater for vegetarians or special diets?

How long do the transfers take from Bucharest airport to Tulcea or Brasov?

What boats do you use? Are they safe?

What is a floating hotel?

What about the guides?

What sevices do you provide?

Can you arrange transfers from and to the airport?

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